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One Weird Trick for Converting Facebook Likes To Paying Fitness Clients

By Sean Greeley

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Success with social media campaigns and marketing activity is often measured by likes, fans, followers, number of comments, shares, and similar “engagement” statistics.

Those are great, and yes, you should be watching them.

Where there is smoke (engagement) there is always fire (new clients) to be found.

But we teach our clients that if your goal is to grow your business, you MUST take engagement metrics a step further and focus on new client acquisition and revenue growth.

After all, let’s not forget that at the end of the day you can only pay your bills when someone buys something from your business… not when they like your post!

Relationships: What It’s All About

Social media is just that. Media. A way to connect your message to your market.

And as we talk about in our AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

The great benefit of social media is it’s an incredibly fast and easy way to build relationships with others quickly.

People whom you’ve never met before get an almost instant feel for your personality, core values, brand, and business by simply watching and engaging with your content.

And when they consume your content, they’re asking themselves questions like:

– Do I like this person (or business)?

– Do they seem trustworthy?

– Are they like me? Are their clients people like me? Would I enjoy the experience of working with them?

– Can they really help me?

– Are they the best at what they do (in terms of solving the problem I’m looking to address or achieving the goals I’ve set for myself)?

Your content says a lot about you.

So make it good!

But, here’s how you can take your content marketing… and all those engagement stats…. a step further to grow.

One Weird Trick For Converting Engagement to New Clients (and Revenue) For Your Business

Ok, so the example I’m going to share here for converting engagement to revenue applies specifically to Facebook.

But in reality it works for Twitter and Instagram too (just not as well).

Remember, the goal of marketing is to build RELATIONSHIPS first, then when a prospect feels comfortable… invite them to take the next step and take advantage of an offer that advances your sales process.

So, here’s a strategy that many of our clients are using that you can apply today.

1. Share good content across your social media channels. Good content is the foundation of letting people into your world.

2. Invite current clients to like and share your content. When a client shares or likes your content, their friends see your content too. Instantly, you’ve got more eyeballs on your content. And in this case, highly targeted prospects looking at your content… because your prospects have “friends” just like them who need your services too.

3. Include a call to action in your post to LIKE your Facebook fan page. When you do a good job with your content, then others will appreciate it. They enjoy the recommendations you make, the knowledge you share, the inspiration and entertainment you provide in their day. Invite them to get more of those things by “liking” your fan page. You can even take this a step further and tell them to hold down the “LIKE” button on your fan page and select “get direct notifications.”

This will ensure they get notified of EVERY post you make to your fan page. This is important because Facebook won’t show your posts to all your fans UNLESS they select this option (it will only show them random posts by default). So let your new fans know!

4. When someone likes your fan page, send them a personal message. Now here’s the weird trick that NOBODY takes the time to do. When someone likes your page, send them a personal message. NOTE: You’ll have to do this from your personal Facebook Account, as you can only send a message to someone who’s liked your page once they’ve initiated the conversation with you first. The good news is this is more personal. And you’ll want to link to your business page in the message. You can do that by simply typing @businesspagename and you’ll see a hyperlink come up automatically to your business page.

We recommend you send something like this:

“Hi , thanks for liking my page . What’s your goal? Is there anything I can help you with?”

I know, it’s old skool.

And there is no “automation” here.

You (or your marketing assistant) has to actually do the work. You have to watch when someone likes your page. And you have to then send them this message. It’s a manual process.

And THAT’S why it works so well.

It goes above and beyond the noise and the clutter to demonstrate that you’re a real person and you CARE.

It shows people that you’re interested in helping them.

And it shows that you’re paying attention, watching, and listening to SERVE those who you can help.

That’s a lost art in the world today.

Results You Can Expect

Now I can’t promise you specific results with this strategy.

But I can promise that it will stand out, you will get replies, and you will have the opportunity to invite new Facebook fans to engage with your sales process.

Many of our clients are getting 30-40% of new likes to actually reply and begin a conversation.

One of our clients recently used this strategy to generate $8,160 worth of new business in just a few days time by combining this strategy with our AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System.

Take This Strategy To The Next Level

I could stop this article there, but I’m going keep going and show you how to take this strategy to the next level.

Once you start using this strategy, the way to PLUS it is by increasing the number of NEW fans liking your Facebook page.

And the best way to do THAT is by launching a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

You can put a Facebook advertisement directly in front of the most highly qualified prospects for your business, for just a few dollars/pounds/euros per day.

This is especially important when you’re just starting out.

Because in the beginning your following isn’t that large and the most important thing you can do is grow a list of highly targeted prospects quickly.

Be sure to let us know when you start using this strategy and the results you get.

Or if you’ve already been using this strategy successfully, post and share your story to the comments section below.

There are more than enough prospective clients out there for EVERYONE to fill up their businesses quickly.

So don’t hold back.

Commit to take action, grow, and pay it forward to others!

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