CASE STUDY: Doubled His Revenue and No Longer Guessing if He’s Moving in the Right Direction

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Name: Chris Morton

Business Name: Electric Fitness

Location: Burleigh Heads QLD, Australia 🇦🇺

Want to know what it takes to double your revenue?

Chris Morton figured it out in one of our NPE coaching programs…

And it had to do with a small yet simple shift in his program offerings that very few fitness business owners know how to successfully pull off.

“I’m no longer guessing on what it takes to grow,” Chris recalls.

As a boutique training facility, Chris had been focused on monthly memberships because that’s what everyone seems to be doing.

But what he didn’t realize was there’s better easy to build a profitable gym in his niche.

“I’ve grown a totally different area of the business. I never even knew it existed in terms of semi -private training or personal training,” Chris says.

“That’s definitely been something that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t been working with NPE.”

Chris also realized that trying to do everything on his own wasn’t going to work.

Being a solo-preneuer means you need others around you to help you in the difficult moment.

“As the owner, no one else is gonna hold you accountable. Whereas if you’re with the business coaching group with NPE, they definitely will keep you accountable. That can be uncomfortable at times, but it’ll be worth it so you can grow your business and also grow yourself up personally.”

Chris concluded: “I actually have experts around to tell me if I am moving in the right direction as opposed to just guessing that I think I know what it takes to run a gym business.”

It’s a crazy time for the fitness industry. No doubt you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to figure everything out. We understand your pain and we’re here to help. Learn more about getting the support you need to win by scheduling a FREE 60-min 1:1 call. Here’s how it works, during your session we’ll:

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  3. We’ll show you the systems, tools, and coaching you can use to implement and drive results. 📈
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NPE is globally recognized for delivering the #1 suite of business growth systems, tools, and coaching for fitness entrepreneurs to grow 6-, 7- and 8-figure businesses. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 53,000+ fitness businesses in 96+ countries grow to the next level, and is responsible for driving over $1.1 billion in client revenue. NPE has been featured 8x on the Inc 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies, and has a global team based in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

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