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Karry Levine – ‘NPE Came Along And They Gave Me Hope’

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Karry Levine is 2017 NPE Asia-Pacific Client of the Year and owner of Altitude Pole & Fitness in Auckland, NZ, and Christchurch, NZ. She discusses the challenges of starting her business, especially believing that she could make money doing something she loved.
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Karry Summers
So my background is as a competitive gymnast turned software engineer. And then I opened a pole dancing studio in New Zealand, Christchurch and Auckland, the clients we have are looking for an alternative solution to their fitness problems. So they don’t like the conventional exercise, they want to do something a bit more fun. And a little bit more goal orientated. mp came along, and they gave me hope. So for the first time, there was someone saying that a post studio could make money and I could do something I loved and get rewarded for it. And there was options out there and ways of doing things that I it was okay for me not to know. So when we joined MPa, we had 50 members all on Tampax 20 packs, just doing casual classes. Now 16 months on, we are at 285 members all on contracts between three months and 12 months. Having someone to keep you accountable to making the tough decisions is really important. And just having someone there to guide you along the way and encourage you to take the steps that might be too scary to take. If you didn’t have that kind of cheerleading support. And the outside perspective, there’s there’s so many benefits to having a coach. Since joining in pa I’ve been able to create a team that knew what they were doing enough to run the business without me I can sit back now and enjoy my time with my family and just having limitless opportunities. So it’s now up to me how much I can grow and where I can go with my life rather than dependent on someone else or even not even having that option. And there’s a few possibilities that are opening up to me whether that’s to franchise out or just stick with the studio’s I’ve got an enjoy a great lifestyle. But the options are there. And I know that I have the knowledge and the support to choose whatever I want to do and that I can make that a success. I can’t think of any reason why someone wouldn’t join MPa. They provide everything you need from all different areas. They’re very unique to the fitness business. So they’re not just going to offer you that mentoring and coaching as a business coach, but they’re actually going to make it very specific to your fitness business. They’ve done all the testing of the system. They’ve done the years of trial and error themselves and they have a blueprint that will work for you. You just need to bring the passion and join up with NPE and it’ll work

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