How Evans Got Out of Debt in Gym Business

Evans boosted fitness sales 30% in a 90-day period ($68,000 total) in the first program, increased his profits 24% in the second program, and has raised total sales and profitability in the third.

How Joe Went From A Scared Trainer To An Effective Business Leader

Joe, the general manager at ZUM Fitness in downtown Seattle, Washington went from no systems in place, no metric tracking, highly unorganized to leadership systems to help give his team clarity in their roles. His team gained over $30,000 more per month in revenue, and now sees brighter future for the business.

Brent’s Vision for Fitness Business

Brent owns Vitalyon based out of metro Atlanta, Georgia has now not only clarity in his vision but has develop a level of confidence to take this gym business forward to achieve success.